All of our wraps are grilled to order on our fresh, homemade dough, and served with your choice of plain potato chips, barbeque potato chips or our signature coleslaw.

Cheeses: provolone, swiss, cheddar, mozzarella, feta, parmesan, gorgonzola

Sauces and Dressings: Spicy Buttermilk Ranch, Spicy Chipotle, Buttermilk Ranch, Thousand Island, Greek Vinaigrette, Caesar, Honey Mustard, basil pesto, salsa, and spicy brown mustard.

Gluten Free Crust: Substitute cauliflower gluten free pizza crust add $2.77


  • Southwest Turkey

    cheddar cheese, roma tomatoes, crumbled bacon, green chiles, oven roasted turkey breast and spicy chipotle dressing

  • Chris & Jen

    cheddar and feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, shredded carrots, bacon, oven roasted turkey breast, homemade coleslaw and spicy ranch dressing

  • Superman

    basil pesto, mozzarella and feta cheese, onions, bacon, tomatoes, oven roasted chicken breast and spicy ranch dressing

  • Chicken Pesto

    basil pesto, mozzarella cheese, roma tomatoes and oven roasted chicken breast

  • Potato Ranch

    cheddar cheese, roma tomatoes, red onions, crumbled bacon, oven roasted potatoes and buttermilk ranch dressing

  • Gyro

    seasoned oven roasted lamb, tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, red onions, roma tomatoes and romaine lettuce (NOT AVAILABLE GLUTEN FREE).

  • Cajun

    cheddar cheese, red onions, green peppers, cajun rice, oven roasted chicken breast, andouille sausage and spicy ranch dressing

  • Spicy Buffalo

    gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese, red onions, oven roasted chicken breast, hearts of romaine, and spicy marinara

  • Chicken Caesar

    pecorino romano cheese, oven roasted chicken breast, croutons, romaine lettuce, and creamy caesar dressing - (ask to remove croutons for a gluten free option)

  • Reuben

    swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing

  • BBQ Pork

    cheddar cheese, black beans, red onions, pulled pork, coleslaw and classic BBQ sauce

  • Greek Wrap

    feta cheese, red onions, roma tomatoes, black olives, oven roasted chicken breast, romaine lettuce and greek vinaigrette dressing

  • BLT

    provolone cheese, roma tomatoes, crumbled bacon, romaine lettuce and caesar dressing

  • Standard Veggie

    roasted red peppers, sweet corn, red onions, green peppers, roma tomatoes, shredded carrots, and romaine lettuce with your choice of cheese and dressing

  • Veggieman

    basil pesto, mozzarella and feta cheese, roma tomatoes, roasted red peppers, red onions, oven roasted potatoes and spicy ranch dressing

  • Vegtastic

    cheddar cheese, black beans, green chiles, roma tomatoes, oven roasted potatoes, and spicy chipotle dressing

  • The Half Baked

    cheddar, tomatoes, red onion, black beans, corn, roasted potatoes and buttermilk ranch

  • Wrap of the Week

    Wrap lovers' variations to our favorite wraps. Changes weekly, call or check out the online menu for more information

  • Build Your Own

    Veggies (choose 4, extra $0.75 - tomatoes, red onion, green chilies, shredded carrots, black olives, roasted red peppers, romaine lettuce, green peppers, roasted potatoes, sauerkraut, corn, banana peppers, black beans
    Meats (choose 1, extra $2) - Chicken, Turkey, Bacon ( +$1), Gyro, Pulled Pork, Corned Beef, Andouille Sausage
    Cheeses (choose 1, extra $0.92) - cheddar, mozzarella, feta, parmesan, swiss, provolone, gorgonzola
    Sauces (choose 1, extra $0.92) - spicy buttermilk ranch, buttermilk ranch, greek vinaigrette, tzatziki, caesar, spicy chipotle (df), thousand island (df), mayonnaise (df), honey mustard (df,veg), brown mustard (V), marinara (V), hot buffalo wing sauce(V), franks red hot (V)


  • House Salad

    romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, carrots, roasted red peppers, croutons and your choice of dressing. Available with chicken or turkey.

  • Caesar Salad

    romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, croutons, pecorino romano cheese. Available with chicken or turkey.

  • Greek Salad

    romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, red onion, black olives, feta cheese, and greek vinaigrette dressing. Available with chicken or turkey.


  • Kids Cheese Pizza

    marinara sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese

  • Kids Quesadilla

    mozzarella and cheddar cheese


  • Bottled Water

    Options: Dasani Bottled Water

  • Peace Tea

    Flavors: Just Peachy, Razzleberry, and Caddyshack

  • Canned Soda

    Flavors: Diet Coke, Coca Cola and Dr.Pepper

  • Bottled Soda

    Flavors: Orange Fanta, Coca Cola, and Sprite.

  • AHA Sparkling Water

    Options: Raspberry Acai, Orange/Grapefruit, and Citrus/Green Tea

Extras and Dessert

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (Pack of 2)

    Two per pack.

  • Extra Sides

    Plain Potato Chips, BBQ Potato Chips, and coleslaw

  • Extra Sauce

    BBQ Sauce (vegan), Buttermilk Ranch, Caesar, Chipotle (DF, contains eggs), Franks Hot Sauce (Vegan), Greek Vinaigrette (contains feta cheese), Honey Mustard (Vegetarian), Marinara (Vegan), and Salsa (vegan).

  • Extra Meat

    Andouille Sausage, Bacon, Chicken, Corned Beef, Gyro (Roasted Lamb), Pulled Pork, and Turkey.

  • Extra Cheese

    Chedder, Feta, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan, and Swiss

  • Extra Veggies

    Red Onion, Tomato, Carrots, Green Peppers, Olives, Black Beans, Roasted Red Peppers, Green Chiles, and Roasted Potatoes.

  • Rice Krispie Treat